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broiled figs with honey lemon goat cheese

It’s been a happy summer. A week at the beach with family, bike rides, warm weather, and evenings spent drinking white wine with friends. I took the final exam for my summer course last week, and the fall semester doesn’t … Continue reading

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gluten free strawberry ricotta pancakes

I have no idea why I haven’t tried making gluten free pancakes before. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, with french toast and pancakes topping the list. But I haven’t attempted either since I have gone gluten free. Maybe … Continue reading

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gluten free cocoa muffins

Today, I have been (gluten) free for 6 months. And what a gift these last 6 months have been! I feel better than ever and have been slowing down enough to appreciate the little things. The first few warm days of Spring, dinner … Continue reading

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choices by shawn

Jess and I had dinner together on Saturday night, with our good friend Courtney. It’s not often that we can just meet for dinner given that I live in DC and she in Charlottesville. But lucky for me, she attended … Continue reading

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whole grain caramelized banana muffins

I made the whole grain muffins again using my leftover whole grain flour mix, but this time I added caramelized bananas instead of figs. Oh my. These are good. I’m including the recipe here so you can see how to … Continue reading

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cheesy figs

This “recipe” was inspired by Jess. I was telling her the other night how I ordered a bunch of GF flours and grains from nuts online (which is superb), along with dried Turkish figs. These are the figs I added … Continue reading

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quinoa two ways

Quinoa is a neat grain (well, technically it’s a seed but it’s grain-like). I had it for the first time about 5 months ago, and declared, “Where have you been all my life?!” It doesn’t look like much on the … Continue reading

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