cheesy figs

This “recipe” was inspired by Jess. I was telling her the other night how I ordered a bunch of GF flours and grains from nuts online (which is superb), along with dried Turkish figs. These are the figs I added to the whole grain muffins, but I told Jess I didn’t know what else to do with them. She said, “I love figs with sharp cheese.” I love anything with cheese. The cheesier the better. So I thought this was brilliant, and I immediately headed to the fridge, found some sharp cheddar, cut up the figs and threw it all in the broiler until the cheese was nice and melty on the figs. Then I ate until I was full.

This was so good I repeated it when I got home from work today, but skipped the broiling because I had to have the cheesy figs RIGHT NOW.

I used cheddar because that’s what I had, but I think figs would be awesome with blue cheese or stilton cheese if you’re into the smelly cheeses. The smellier the better, I say.

cheesy figs
inspired by Jess

Cut up some figs and cheese.
Put the cheese on the figs, and broil (or not).

You gotta love the simplicity of that.


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